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Spotlight:: The Lycanthrope/Vampire Princess's Necklace!

Here we are at almost the last day of ticket sales for my raffle baskets and two are sold out and the third and fourth are so close behind!! The one that isn't selling so much is the one I am spotlighting tonight and I want you to know I am SO not settling for that. So...I saved all my best for the very last! Best jewelry, yes, but by far the BEST books you ever saw in one basket! Brimming with Brava, Aphrodisia, and Kensington authors as well as others...(can you say Yasmine Galenorn? I knew that you could!!) this is going to be the best three bucks you could ever spend in order to reward both yourself and the animals of ACN! I am determined to reach goal, people. So help me out!!

Let's start with the pretty little bauble...Syreena's collar. Made by the ever-so-talented Serena from and fashioned of pure moonstones of varying color, a gorgeously designed medallion as the center point, it is 15.5 inches long making an excellent choker but also a pretty drop into the hollow of the throat if you don't want or like it so tight. As seen in this picture of Laura wearing it at the Romantic Times convention.

Now....woman cannot live by necklace alone, so I have STUFFED the basket with our second favorite thing...BOOKS!! Books galore!




Meet the D'Artigo sisters: half-human, half-faerie, they're savvy-and sexy-operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. But their mixed-blood heritage short-circuits their talents at all the wrong times. Delilah shapeshifts into a tabby cat whenever she's stressed. Menolly's a vampire who's still trying to get the hang of being undead. And Camille is a wicked-good witch, except her magic's as unpredictable as the weather, as her enemies are about to find out-the hard way.

Publishers Weekly

The first in an engrossing new series about conflict in the magic modern world as told by the half-human, half-Faerie D'Artigo sisters the latest from Galenorn (One Hex of a Wedding) is a whimsical reminder of fantasy's importance in everyday life. Narrator Camille is a good witch with unpredictable powers who runs a Seattle bookstore while working as an Otherworld Intelligence operative, sent Earthside to keep an eye on things. When an operative from the Wayfaerer, a human/Faerie hangout, is killed, Camille springs into action with her sisters Delilah, a werecat, and Menolly, a freshly minted vampire. Tracing the murder back to evil demon leader Shadow Wing, the sisters find evidence of a far-reaching plot, but the Otherworld Intelligence Agency offers no help, stifled by bureaucratic red tape and a nasty Otherworld battle. Galenorn's gallery of rogues is an imaginative delight, each species and personality carefully crafted. Though the plot can drag, effusive characters and pretty writing ("I whispered, and the stars heard me from behind their cloud cover and answered") will lead readers through to the much-anticipated final battle. (Oct.)

Now comes Changeling-again featuring Camille, the good witch, Menolly, the vampire, and Delilah, a feline shapeshifter. They're the D'Artigo sisters, half-human, half-Faerie supernatural agents who are now enlisted to find the fiends responsible for slaughtering the weres of Rainier Puma Pride.

The D'Artigo sisters, Camille, Delilah, and Menolly, are half-human, half- Fae operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. When humans begin to go missing, then turn up as newly born vampires, Menolly- an acrobat extraordinaire-turned-vampire- must face the demons haunting her memories.

Hotter After Midnight by Cynthia Eden


Emily Drake’s patients tend to be a little unusual. Instead of the typical therapist’s caseload of midlife crises and mother fixations, Emily treats vampires with blood phobias and sex demons looking for meaningful relationships. But her gift for recognizing and healing the Other–those creatures of the night that most humans don’t even know exist–requires a few house rules. First: Never trust a shifter. Especially not one like Detective Colin Gyth, whose gold-flecked eyes and predatory air make Emily realize how much she’s been longing to lose control.

Colin can’t believe the doctor he’s been assigned to work with on the Night Butcher murder investigation is the one person who could expose his true identity as a wolf shifter. Smart, sexy, and stubborn as hell, Emily brings out the alpha male in Colin, unleashing a wild, heady desire that takes them both over the edge.

But in the shadows, the Night Butcher waits…eager to spill Emily’s blood and taste her terror. And he’ll use any means to destroy her, including the one person she has grown to trust…

Superb and Sexy by Jill Shalvis:


When you want to fly the best, you fly Sky High Air. And when you want spectacular adventure and scorching seduction, Jill Shalvis's tantalizing, talented pilots Noah, Shayne, and Brody will get you there-fast, slow, or any way you want it.


Despite his brooding bad-boy attitude, Brody knows life has treated him pretty well. His luxury charter airline, Sky High, has given him financial security and the means to take to the skies whenever things on the ground get complicated. And lately, things have become very complicated, thanks to the insanely passionate, or perhaps just insane, kiss he shared with Sky High's gorgeous, wisecracking concierge, Maddie. He's tried to keep his distance, but now Maddie desperately needs help, and it's triggering protective alpha-male urges Brody didn't even know he had.

For months, Maddie hid her crush on sexy, exasperating Brody behind a cool, kick-ass exterior and then blew that to smithereens by jumping him in the lobby. Yeah, real smooth. She's tried to break her ties with Sky High, but Brody won't let her walk away-especially now that he knows that Maddie and her twin sister Leena are in big-time trouble. To save Leena, Maddie and Brody must pose as husband and wife, and Maddie is amazed that the man she thought was oblivious to her existence knows her very well indeed. But that's nothing compared to the way she's about to get to know him-intimately, in depth, and over and over again.

And some Aphrodisia!!

Sweet and Sinful by Jodi Lynn Copeland

She's On Top by Susan Lyons


They call themselves the Awesome Foursome-four girlfriends who share everything except their men. Three have found the ultimate in lust and love and now it's Rina's turn.


Music is Rina Goldberg's passion and she can never forget the sensual rhapsody she experienced in the arms of Giancarlo, her first lover. Ten years later, Giancarlo is sexier and more romantic than ever. His masterful fingers still know how to create the most intimate melody of pleasure and he understands every nuance of a woman's sensuality. And Rina is the only woman he wants. Their passionate encore takes her to a glorious, unforgettable climax and there's more where that came from. Much more.

Black Silk by Sharon Page



Maryanne Hamilton had expected to be shocked, but the wanton orgy she finds in Mrs. Master's salon makes her wonder if she has walked into hell. Desperate to escape, she comes upon the master of sin himself-Lord Swansborough. Fascinated by his nakedness, she longs to touch every inch of his long, hard body. And when he bids her come near, she quickly surrenders to his wicked promises of carnal pleasure and sensual ecstasy.

And any other damn book I come across will get thrown in as well. So buy tickets!!!

Now, about a little thing called my MARATHON CHAT taking place this Saturday!! Woowoo!

Here's the roster I have...and don't forget that every last one of these ladies is giving away their latest and greatest works during their hour in the sun!! So simply show up to the party on Saturday by going to my website and clicking on VISIT THE CHAT ROOM on the top of the forum page.

My lovely guests :)

10:00 – 11:00: Patrice Michelle

11:00 - 12:00: Alexandra Ivy

12:00 - 1:00: Gena Showalter

1:00 - 2:00: JJ Massa

2:00 - 3:00 Lauren Dane

3:00-4:00 HelenKay Dimon

4:00-5:00 Lara Adrian

5:00-6:00: Cynthia Eden

6:00-7:00: Jeri Smith Ready

7:00-8:00: Meljean Brook

8:00-9:00: Shelly Laurenston

9:00 - 10:00: Yasmine Galenorn

All right? Now shut up and buy tickets! (Hehehe can you tell I am addicted to Deadliest Catch??)

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