Saturday, May 17, 2008


You guys really have strong ideas about Noah's HEA!! Wonderful. And I have to say that this is not only the largest response I ever received to one of these contests, but I also feel, in my heart, that the majority of those responses mean you guys are going to LOVE Noah's woman.

But I am very certain you are going to let me know one way or another :P

I have chosen a winner from all the responses here, but before I give the name I wanted to say a couple of things. First, if you are wanting to join in the comments and don;t know how, all you need is a Google mail (gmail) account. What is Gmail? Click on THIS LINK to get started. Then you simply sign in and voila! Access to all my contests and more.

Second, I am having another chat party :) It's a plan in it's early stages yet, but I figure June 28th, the last Saturday in June, will be a great date for it. You are going to want to come because I will be inviting all your favorite authors over a 12 hour period!! Thus your task for today is...tell me who you would like to see and speak to at my next Chat-a-thon!! Please, don't even say JRW or CF or SK because I am NOT going to be able to get them.

But my buds Gena Showalter, Yasmine Galenorn and Bianca D' Arc are very likely candidates :)

Now....the winner of signed copies of Damien and Noah is...

Swallowing Darkness!!!

This is a random winner drawn in my head like a stick figure using complex addition and subtraction logic.

Now for a story. I went out yesterday with my niece to Pet Harmony, we are making it a ritual to go and socialize with the cats and even the dogs. When we get back, Ryanne (my live-in assistant) and my sister Lynnora are standing outside the front door. As I walk through the house I hear them laughing their asses off. Always one for a good joke, I ask "What up?". As I approach I step in something wet and sticky.

Have you ever come up on people who were so toasted they barely made sense? Apparently while we were gone my sis and Ryanne thought it would be fun to get pissed. Why the laughter? They had been heading outside with Ryanne in the lead. Apparently she forgot to hold the door open and it slammed closed into my sister. The result was alcohol abuse. The door smacked my sister head-on while she was carrying a glass of wine and sent it splashing up in her face, down my door, on the cement and my floor.

Apparently this was hysterically funny. I suppose it would have been for me, too, if I had just spilled my sixth glass of wine all over myself. OMG, were they ever tanked! My sister has hazel eyes, but after that much wine they were a bright jade green with large pupils and you could see the nastagmus (jittering) of her eyeballs. (This is what cops look for when they suspect you are drunk driving) My niece and I just went back inside and sat down, giggling every time they laughed (still because of the door) in peals of hysteria.

I turned to my 14 yr old niece and said: "Now, you see why getting drunk is bad? It makes you act like a total dork. It's much more fun to be sober and watching the lunacy of others!"

In truth...I am in the mood for a martini. :P


Joy said...

LMAO That's hilarious.

Congrats to the winner!

Jackie said...

Swallowing Darkness...that reminds me, only a couple more months until LKH's newest novel. CONGRATS!!!

What about inviting Jeri Smith-Ready, Keri Arthur, Nalini Singh, Karen Chance, Patricia Briggs, Carrie Vaughn, Jennifer Armintrout, or Anne Aguirre?

Lynn said...

Great story. I have been admit I have both been the participant and the one watching the lunacy. I do have to say it was always more fun to watch the lunacy, plus there was never a hangover.

Congratuations to the winner!

Swallowing Darkness said...

Oh my god! Thank you so much! I just started the series a week ago and finished reading Elijah today and was sad to think I would have to wait a few weeks for the next one!

Swallowing Darkness said...

Oh, I forgot, what address should I e-mail my address too?

Anonymous said...

As always gr8 contest, Jacki.

Congrats Swallowing Darkness!

Re ur chat what about inviting Alyssa Day, Alexandria Ivy, Brenda Joyce, Lara Adrian, Lora Leigh & Shayla Black...just 2 name a few. Just my thought.

Have a gr8 weekend every1. Ada:)

Ann said...

Great story!

How about Kerrelyn Sparks, Brenda Williamson, Jade Lee, Aline de Chevigny, Lauren Dane, Tilly Greene...

Congrats to Swallowing Darkness!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Swallowing Darkness!!

rjs4444us said...


Wasn't the contest supposed to be for two sets?

Just curious, xoxo

Congrats SD

icia said...

LOL> what I'd like to know did you or them clean up the mess?
I am sooooo looking forwasrd to the next story coming out. icia

Stephanie*magic* said...


LOL, hilarious Jacki!!!
So much fun to watch others
drunk, lol!!
Cant wait to have another
Take care!!

Peachez said...

Conrats Swallowing Darkness Noah will be a wonderful character he needed a story of his own . can you invite Sydney croft, L.A.Banks, Kim harrison, Laurell K Hamiliton
Thanks Jacki


Carpathian Queen said...

Congrats to the winner!!!

How about Eve Silver!
Rene Lyons or Cyndi Friberg...

Can't you just use those puppy eyes on CF?? Who could resist that? ;-))

12 h chat!!! Great to hear for us Europeans!!

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Oh boy!! I think you were right...I think I did say 2 sets!! I will announce the second set today!!

dd03 said...

Wooohooo! Another shot at the books!!! ^__^

Congrats Swallowing Darkness!

Let's see I would put a vote in for Yasmine Galenorn & Lara Adrian...and many more, but I just can't think right now! lol


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