Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love and Children!!

I got a mother's day card today!!! It had Bianca's number and addy in it. I was so happy I started to cry and nearly killed myself getting to the phone. I had just made plane reservations for NY to hunt for her. Phew. So I will go up and see her for a weekend, go to court, and then she comes down here to visit me for two weeks. YAY!!

Plus, I just got my author copies of Damien :) Gorgeous shiny purple. I hope like hell you guys like.

Anyway, I am SOOO friggin happy, I have to give stuff away.

I will give away TWO sets of a Damien and a Noah ARC to someone who responds to this posting and tells me:

What do you think Noah's heroine should be like??

Ready? Set?? GO!!!

Hugs and Kitties


Jacquelyn Frank said...

YAY!!1 I'm ready!!

Joy said...

Hi Jacki!

Noah's heroine should be strong, stubborn and immune to his charm and his position of power. I want him exasperated and have to work for her love! At least for a while :)

Thanks for the chance to play!

DreamWeaver said...

Hi Jacki!!

Nice to see you back blogging again. I've missed your chatty blogs :) I think Noah's heroine should be sinfully hot and very sassy. When the two of them are together their fireworks. She should also be able to hold her own with Noah so that he doesn't know if he is coming or going. She needs to lead him on the chase of his life!

Nancy's Trade A Book II said...

My thoughts on Noah's heroine:

She should be fiesty, sassy and fiercely loyal to those she loves.

Flame red or Jet black long hair would score points in my opinion.


whitney said...

Noah needs a heroine who is strong, after all he is centuries old and set in his ways. He needs someone who has as much power as he does if not just a little bit more.
She needs to be feisty and devoted to others, as well as smart as he is a scholar.
These are just a few of the things that Noah's heroine needs as well as a killer body.

Dawn said...

Hi Jacki,

Noah's woman should be strong, spunky and with a little attitude.
She should be ablt to standup to him and alongside him. And above all else she should play hard to get.


Peggy said...

Noah needs a short, sassy, Southern girl who has charm and grace in public and can kick a.. when she needs to. She is loyal and quick to defend those she loves.She is smart but allows others to assume her slow speech means a slow mind. She deals with the pompous and dictatorial with humor and goes her own way. As a true Lady, she never insults anyone unintentionally.

Peggy said...

Noah needs a short sassy Southern girl,a lady who can insult you with a smile, defend you with style, and knows how to keep her Gentleman happy at home. She has a sense of humor to deal with the pompous and dictatorial and goes her own way. She is smart but lets others assume that her slow speech means a slow mind. As Southern ladies have been doing for generations,she flatters and charms and never insults anyone unintentionally.

Nicole said...

A sweet girl. A virgin. She's strong and capable but outwardly, she appears very sweet and innocent. Almost shy. People might think she's not strong enough to be Noah's queen but once they got to know her, see her in action, they would see they were very wrong about her. Looks can be deceiving. LOL

Dark*Rose said...

Hmmm, tough but i think she should be very smart, but have a firecraker temper to match Noa. she should love to laugh and most of all love him, after everything he's been through he really deserves it. Noah should have a woman who is his equal in mind, body, and soul! besides what woman would want to be with somone like Noah? He's HOT (pun intended)

sincerly Nichelle

Jace said...

Noah's heroine should be sassy and sarcastic on the outside, but soft like butter on the inside. She should work hard to hide her vulnerabilities, but sooner or later he'll knock down all those inner walls!

(P.s. I LOVE your books! I've kind of been a lurker on your blog, haha, but I figured I should write something sooner or later!)

Christine said...

Hi Jacki!
That's great news for you and Bianca! I hope everything goes smoothly.

I think Noah's heroine should drive him crazy. I picture her coming across uninterested in him, and he has to chase her down (figuratively). And she should be able to easily beat him at Chess. OMG that'll drive him crazy! ;)

feygirl said...

Hi Jacki!

Noah's heroine should be sassy, sexy, strong and totally make him rethink the way he sees the world and has seen the world for all his centuries of existence. And ofcourse, making him work for it is always a good way to go. I'd like to see her bring out the animal in him.;)
Thanks for the chance!!

Jackie said...

Oh that's easy. Noah's heroine needs to make Noah's life a living hell. I mean, isn't that what the right woman does to a Man? Makes it so they can't think of anyone else and the female in question exasperates them to no end? She can't take any of his crap and pretty much makes him want to burn everything down around him. His temper should be short when she's around because she gets under his skin so easily.

Stephanie*magic* said...

I think Noah needs someone
who is compassionate and
I want his heroin to make him
want her till its killing him
and then let him have it, lol!
It will be explosive i'm sure! ;)

Stephanie*magic* said...

So glad you get to spend some time
with B Jacki!
Hope you two have a great time together!

Anonymous said...

Noah's woman needs to be someone that is the COMPLETE opposite of what he thinks the ideal woman should be. That way it will drive him nuts trying to figure out what it is about her that intrigues him so much. She needs to be a B.I.T.C.H.-aka Babe In Total Control of Herself, but at the same time, knows when to let him take the lead and do what he does best. Being sassy and sarcastic is always a plus too!

Great news about B!! I'm sure you guys will have fun together!

nycitygirl said...

Noah's lady should be sizzling hot, like he is (he is after all my favorite, and can't wait for him to meet his match!!). She should turn his world upside down and make him soooo crazy, that when they come together it will be EXPLOSIVE!!! She's got to be a strong woman, because she's got to be able to give as good as she gets, since he is such an alpha male. Looking forward to Damien, but can't absolutely wait for Noah, and they better be in the stores on the day they're supposed to be, or I will be ripping mad and my NY Latina temper will be felt. Glad to hear you heard from B. and hope all turns out well so you can spend some well-deserved time with her! Hugs to you, Jacki,

Piercedfreak said...

Noah's lady should be sarcastic and funny. Someone who can make him a happier person, and make him more full. A nice lady who can love him or him despite his flaws. Someone who will take charge and question him. Basically a woman who knows what she wants and will do anything to have Noah.

Pamk said...

glad you found B. hopefully you'll have fun visit with her without any drama. Noah's heroine should be strong, stubborn, feisty, fiercious loyal, smart, beautiful and above she should take no crap. Cause I have a feeling Noah has been the boss a long time and could be a wee bit domineering lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacki..gr8 news...have a wonderful time w/ B.

Now, re Noah...I think his heroine should b sexy & dangerous seduction. But most importantly, she should tough, earning each of her scars battling by his side...(who said we ladies can't kick a**) LOL ...risking even her life 4 Noah & edging closer to a shocking revelation that she 2 can fall in luv. Just my thought. Good Luck every1! Ada:)

Maura Anderson said...

Great news on Bianca! I was thinking about you on Mother's Day.

Hmm - Noah's heroine. I think it would be really interesting to have him meet his match and maybe even someone who is completely convinced that he's all looks and throws his weight around for no good reason. Someone who doesn't trust him and might even outright dislike him :)

rjs4444us said...

Hey! Congrats on your happy day!

I think Noah's heroine should be fiery and passionate - she should be able to get a rise out of him, but she should also be compassionate, warm, and she should be able to cool of her HOTT demon with a few words or even a look. Together I bet they make lots of steam, and will probably turn the castle into a sauna or steam room (haha).

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ciked for these 2 new books. Thank you so much for the chance to win these fun contests. You have made my day!

Have a great day, xoxo

Beth said...

Hey there Jacki! Congrats on finding Bianca!

Noah's leading lady should be someone who deals with water, ya know make it hard for the relationship to work without them really working for it. She should be anti-establishment or something of the like so as to not immediately get along with the mighty king. She's smart, strong emotionally and physically, and independant- yet fun and sassy. She takes no crap and can stand on her own, no man necessary... but finds her life was nothing without her firey soul mate. Put them together and watch it steam up the whole universe!

Thanks for the chance to play! <3

Suzi said...

um, I think she needs wings - maybe the last of her kind? Proud to a fault, loyal, kind to children and animals, smart but quiet, appears to be fierce on the outside but it actually quite vulternable, maybe a bit of a prankster...

jogilp said...

Noah's heroine should be cool, calm and collected. She should be strong, reliable, sexy and be able to put out the fire that he generates. But mmost expecially someone who would love him arrogance and all.

Lady Caella said...

Hi Jacki,

Noah's heroine ..... Well I think it should be a red-head who's strong, determined and totally immune to him, so he has to work hard to get her. The chemistry between them should be huge with sparkles flying around and when they touch .... Well need I say, hot and steamy.


Tabitha said...

mornig Jacki,

I think Noah's heroine should be someone who is confident in themselves and goes after what they want with a single mindedness, and since she will want Noah watch out the sparks will fly. (maybe she should be a firefighter. That would be funny talk about smoke and fire.)

Love the books

Lynn said...

I think Noah's heroine should be a female with a mind of her own and a female who wasn't afraid to speak whatever was on that mind. Someone who could pull his strings with little effort. She'll resist his every move, making his life all the more interesting.


Amanda said...

Hi Jacki,

I think Noah's heroine should be strong, with a lot of patience for his hot temper. She's going to have to hold her own in his world and she'll need to ability to deal with him. She shouldn't be swayed by his position of power, the crown shouldn't matter to her. I would personally like her to be feisty, to give Noah a good workout before his wins her heart. Nothing worth having is ever easy.

Hayley said...

Noah's heroine should have a quick temper and be stubborn as hell. She should be strong enough not to stand her ground against Noah. She should have great chemistry with him that creates sparks and she should make him work for her.

sincitygrl said...

Hi Jacki!

Great news about Bianca! So happy for you both. Also it’s nice to have you back. I missed reading your blogs. As for Noah's heroine should be shy, sweet, delicate, elegant and innocent. She will definitely have to be smart, strong, willful, have a lot of determination and perseverance. Especially if she’s going to be his Queen.

Thank you,


CrystalGB said...

Noah's heroine should be strong, independent, powerful and be able to stand up for herself.

Janet said...

she must be fireresistant and must have a lot of spark herself
PS Have a great weekend with Bianca!

janine said...

Congratulations on the great turn of events Jacki!

I'd like Noah's heroine to be a woman of some experience. Someone who knows how harsh the world is and what an incredible gift that kind of love is in life. I'm thinking a "Domino" type of demeanor with a "Buttercup" personality. A woman who will stand in the gap with Noah.

Lisa said...

Noah's heroine must have a sense of humor, be smart, strong-willed, and make Noah crazy.

Carpathian Queen said...

smart, sexy, sarcastic and a lot of humour...
Not impressed with him being a king and even less impressed when he is on fire ;-)
Someone to cool him down when needed and heat him up in just a second when needed too lol
Someone he learn to love straight away, but he'll have to convince her and work hard to have her admit it's mutual feelings...
Someone respected in all Nightwalker worlds and perhaps the perfect person to set up the beginning of the next series...

Oh and black hair, green eyes ! haha

And great news about Bianca!!

Autumncat said...

Noah's heroine should be intelligent and loyal. She should also add a sense of fun and playfulness to his life. His heroine should definately be able to keep him on his toes!

dd03 said...

Wow! This is such a loaded question! I'm having a hard time with this one.

I would have to say great wit & intelligence should be paramount.

Strength & courage as she will have to not only deal with Noah but also his people. They are going through so much change that who Noah ends up with will be of great importance to them.

Grace under unintended, but I like it!

Not sure if absolute gorgeousness is necessary, but sensuality is a must...Noah should not be able to keep his hands off her!

I so am looking forward to these books!

Also, so glad to hear you found B!! Congrats, have fun when you get to see her!

rjs4444us said...

Have we already by chance met Noah's gurl? Just wondering, he seems to be kind of attached to Leah . . .

Alcott said...

This is the question that has plagued me since the first book.

I think she should be not be intimidated by him. I think that sassy, sarcastic and powerful would be perfect.

One of my favorite scenes in any of the books relating to Noah is when he first hears Jacob laughing with Bella and it gives him that sense of contentment and happiness for Jacob's situation you only find when knowing someone you care for is truly happy. After reading that, I was sucked into his character and just want him to experience the same.

I can't believe we have to wait another 3+ months to find out! It is relieving to know that he is in Jacki's capable hands.

Suzette said...

The heroine should be passionate, strong, loyal, and have a great sense of humor since she is going to need it when dealing with Noah and all the Alpha Nightwalkers! She has to be someone the other women will respect and like and she has to be fiesty. Hold her own against Noah and anyone who dares to mess with him or the other Nightwalkers!

Swallowing Darkness said...

I picture Noah's lady as another druid mix. A small girl, maybe a little shy at first, someone who has yet to be in touch with their passionate side. I don't think she should have a temper, Noah has enough of a temper to go around being a fire demon. But she needs a trait that evens out his temper, her traits would need to compliment and balance his and vice versa. I see her as a small thing, kind of like Isabella, but fiercely loyal and protective of him once she gets to know him. But seeing as she would be new to demon kind and their ways she would keep Noah on his toes and just as baffled as the rest of the male species on the workings of women. I picture her kind of like Isabella, though not as excepting of everything so Noah has to really work at having her come to him willingly. A strong woman able to stand on her own when it comes down to it since she will be his queens, and powerful enough to defend herself and him if the need should arise.


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