Sunday, May 18, 2008

More to Say

I just had to say that I am convinced I have the best readers in the world. I get to read, every day, some of the sweetest and most flattering emails ever created. In the beginning of all of this I had to face more mean-spirited reviews than anything else, and I was convinced it was going to suck to be a writer. But then I started to get emails for readers like you and, whether they were eloquent or not, it just meant a lot to me and acted as a balm to take the sting out of those petty reviews.

But that was just in the beginning. Now I get several letters a day and sometimes they are worded in just such a way that I am in threat of walking on air for a week and getting a big fat head and ego! I do try to answer every letter quickly, and I absolutely answer everything I am sent. If you have ever sent me something and it wasn't responded to, it means either I never got it or I made a filing mistake without intending to. I did that once and wrote the gal months later when I realized it :) The address you use for all contests and correspondence is Don't be shy about writing me if that's what you want to do. As you see it is something I take great delight in.

One other thing I try to do is make appearances in places where groups of individuals request my presence. If you have a book club or writing group or even an RWA group that would like to have contact with me, please don't be shy about asking. I enjoy meeting my readers face to face.

Now on that note, I wanted to put something out to you. I would like to visit London and Australia. I know I have many fans in London by the number of letters I have received...but I have no idea how to find the best place to go in either of these countries. If anyone knows of a great book shop willing to throw a big signing and put a lot of effort into gathering those fans together (advertising, coffee, snacks, etc.) then please send me the name, address, email, phone number and the name of the central contact connected to that store.

Australia is another story. It's such a big country. But since I have friends who live near Perth, I think I can start there and then slowly work out where to go next...if I go to more than one location. Now, this is all going to be at an undetermined time of year...preferably springtime in each country respectively. You know...the WARMER part of spring...but not too warm that's I'm going to sweat my bollocks off. Only you guys can tell me when that will be. After all, these are YOUR countries!!

Now, someone pointed out to me that I was supposed to give away two sets of books. Good thing, too!! I totally forgot! You may love me, but this is one author with a shitty memory. It wasn't always that way, but age and medication has gotten the best of me. Please forgive me my lapse.

Anyway, our second winner is....

Crystal GB!

Crystal, please send me your snail mail addy at the above address.

As for everyone else, I have had custom decks of cards made up for the promotion of Noah's release in September. Only 100 decks exist at this time, several were given away at RT, but now I am giving these decks out very carefully :) and it is hard to get a hold of them. I am going to give a deck away to a winner. If you want to be that winner you have to do the following:

Send me a picture of you (or your kids or your cats...etc) with ANY of my books!!

Now, the person who is going to win the deck of cards will be random from those entries, but the person who sends me the most creative (sexy, funny, romantic, artistic) picture will win the ENTIRE set of Nightwalker books, including the Noah ARC, all signed by me :) AND a deck of cards to boot. This is a HUGE prize. :) I hope you have fun competing for it!! I will pick my favorite pictures and post them in the blog announcing the winners on Wednesday of this coming week. So best get to it!! :)

Have fun!! Love yas!!

Hugs and Kitties


rjs4444us said...

I just sent my pic, yay!


Jacquelyn Frank said...


Piercedfreak said...

I am about to send my picture!!

Jackie said...

Noooo...all my books are packed away!!! We're in the process of getting ready to move to our first home (I'm going to be a homeowner!!!) and I've already packed the books. So sad. [sigh] At least I won't have to live in an apartment for very long.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Crystal GB! Luv ur new contest...good luck every1. Ada:)

Suzi said...

What a great contest. The tot and I sent in ours.

Stephanie*magic* said...

Great, your gonna try to make me
be creative arent you, lol!!!!
I'll see what I can think of. :)
Good luck ladies!!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Well, my sad attempt at being creative is in ,lol!
It is oh so fun trying tho!
*oh please, please powers that be! Let me win!*
He he!

LynTaylor said...

I'm in AUS :D Best time would probably be September/October but then it depends what part of Aus you're in. I'm talking Sydney, NSW. Nice cool mornings and warm days. November/December are starting to warm up a bit ;)

Dymocks (, Angus & Robertson ( would probably be the stores to target down here. They're our main 'Big Guy' Book shops. Again, that is NSW. I'm not so sure if other states have different stores. Then again I'm sure your publisher would organise this for you?

Hope this has been of some help. Oh and if you do make it down here would love to see you in Coffs Harbour (NSW mid north coast). I'll be there with bells on :D



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