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Hi Everyone, I am so pleased to have Michelle Bardsley author of Must Love Lycans here with us today! Enjoy and be sure to leave a comment below for your chance to win a free autographed copy of Must Love Lycans!


As promised, a series of weird and seemingly pointless questions. But I am assured that these are the types of things readers are truly curious about.

1. If you could transform into any animal, what would you choose? Please tell us, as only an author can, why you would make this specific choice?

I suppose I would choose wolf. Wolves are strong creatures, smart and beautiful. And they’re pack animals, so they value family and rely on each other to survive.

2. Please share with us your most embarrassing moment with a fan or another author.

The first time I met Charlaine Harris, it was at an RT convention in Daytona Beach, Florida. My friend and fellow author, Evangeline Anderson, made “we’re not worthy” worshipping gestures every time we ran into the woman. I think, at some point, she started to worry we were stalkers. Or maybe just weird. (Both were true. Ha!)

3. Which do you prefer to write? The hero or the villain? And why?

I love writing both, actually, but as a writer and reader of romance novels, I do enjoy writing about the hero. I think because most of my heroes are flawed. They have to overcome their own wants, their own desires, in order to embrace love, relationships, and the woman they want more than their own ambitions.

4. Do you have someone in your life that you model your heroes after? What about those villains?

I do now. The Viking, whom I will be marrying next year (woot!), is a romance hero all the way. Honestly? I thought the men we write about in our romantic fiction were … well, implausible. I was wrong. I don’t really base my villains, or characters, on people I know. I might take characteristics or physical aspects from people I’ve met or known, but there’s never really been a moment where I thought, “I’m totally killing that dude in my next book.”

5. I am a woman who is 43 years old and has a crush on her 25-year-old gardener, what naughty secret do you have to share?

I got nothing. Seriously. I have a total crush on the Viking, which makes me mushy and love-struck instead of naughty-secret-having chick. LOL.

6. I’ll go easy on you this time. What is your sinful pleasure? I have two. Gluttony: where I eat to much Ben & Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio, and Sloth : where I laze in bed all day watching HGTV (Mike Holmes…mmm nummy!) or Farscape. Please be equally specific.

There is a French dark chocolate that the Viking and I discovered at Central Market. I would eat it all day long if I could. And I like to laze around with the Viking on Sundays and watch movies and nap. It’s the best! (I mean, it’s a sin!)

7. Do you sing in the shower? What would Simon Cowell think of your performance? What is your favorite song choice?

I sing in the car. Simon Cowell would eviscerate me, and I would totally agree with his assessment. Sometimes, you do things because it brings you joy and not because you have any talent at it. I like Evanescence. And I like singing Call Me When You’re Sober when I play Rock Band.

8. If you could be any of your characters whom would you choose? Tell us why of course.

Jessica Matthews, the heroine from I’M THE VAMPIRE, THAT’S WHY. I’m most like her. Or rather, she’s most like me. I liked writing her a lot, and I’d love to see Broken Heart with my own eyes.

9. Who did it the best? Out of all of your favorite paranormal authors’ works, who wrote the BEST SCENE EVA? Explain.

This is a hard question, but I do have one that comes to mind. There is a scene in Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz that made me cry. No, sob. When I realized what had happened, what he’d done, I just lost it. I actually had to put the book down and get out all the tears. It took a few minutes to get to the point where I could finish reading.

10. You are now a published author, which some would say is the pinnacle for any writer. Now that you have achieved this goal, what is your new dream? What is it that you now aspire to do?

Well, I have the typical published author’s dream of making the New York Times and USA Today best seller lists. That would be awesome! I just want to keep writing, and writing. It’s a great job, and I feel very grateful that I get to do this for a living!

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Since the moment Damien showed up-gloriously naked-Kelsey Morningstone has been having a hard time keeping her relationship with the clinic's latest amnesiac patient strictly professional. Even with her empathy abilities Kelsey's not sure she can get past Damien's anger to find the cause of his delusions. After all, falling for a patient is bad enough, but falling for a patient who thinks he's a werewolf is a whole other kind of crazy...

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dawnmomoffour said...

Ooooo! This book looks gooood ! I am getting a HUGE list of new authors on my "To Read" list. Great interview, thanks.
-Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

PamM said...

The books sound great and chocolate can nevet be condidered a sin. Its to heavenly for that.

alainala said...

this book looks AMAZING! cant wait for the new nevermore book as well.. thanks so much!

alainalaAThotmail. ca

JLE said...
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JLE said...

I love these interviews! I am heading over to Barnesandnoble.com right now to add to my wish list. This book looks likes one I would love!

Unknown said...
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Karla said...

Thanks Jacki! Another author to add to my list! Nice to me'cha Michelle!

Michelle Bledsoe said...

Hi Michelle,
Nice interview. I have seen your book on a couple of other blogs and it interested me so, I put it on my book shopping list. I am looking forward to reading it.

koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing Michelle with us Jacki...
Putting these on my list of need to reads... Now I just need to find more time to read,



Jacquelyn Frank said...

THE WINNER OF THE AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF MUST LOVE LYCANS IS....JLE CONGRATS SEND ME YOUR SNAILMAIL TO natalie@jacquelynfrank.com and put I won the Michelle Bardsley giveaway in the subject line.

InlovewithTwilight7 said...

Yet another series to add to my must read list. Thanks for the interview...



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