Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SUPERNATURAL released! Ahhh...KANE's story is here!

Ever wonder what happened that first night between Kane and Corrine? Sure you did. You know how I know you did? Cuz, you've been hocking me for it ever since JACOB came out in 2006. So, this story picks up where JACOB leaves off (at least as far as Kane and Corrine are concerned) and we get to see what happens when a Demon is under the influence of a Samhain moon and his Imprinted mate is comatose. Oooo.

I hope you like it. It's just a little taste to lead you into the release of ADAM on OCTOBER 25th!! WOOHOO!! Book six of the Nightwalkers at long last!

I was going to leave you a video blog, but I hate my hair. After it's fixed I will do so later. So, anyway, don't forget to join my FAN PAGE on Facebook where we have our contests all the time,updates on my life in general (if you care) and the ever-increasing in fame HUMP DAY HUNKS! and also on Facebook we have a ROLEPLAYING page! It's where people play your favorite characters and you get to see them all interact. And just to keep things interesting, the bitch we all love to hate shows up and does the most horrible things! Will our friends prevail?? Well, watch the page...and then read BOOK SIX!!


Msabbarese said...

Just bought Supernatural today and can't wait to read it! So excited! Thank you!

Darynda said...

You hate your hair??? What a cop out! We want you, baby! Bad hair and all!

Fabi!! said...

Hi, my name is Fabian and I'm from Brazil. Nightwalker Series I love, really love Jacob and I see the time of Adam to be published here, pity that the publisher who publishes his books now not only printed books published more ebooks. I love your work, you are one of my favorite authors.
Many kisses,


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