Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interview and Giveaway with Alexandra Ivy!

Hello all, I hope everyone is just as excited as I am to have the lovely New York Times Bestselling Author Alexandra Ivy with us this week. Her short story Darkness Eternal was just featured in the anthology Supernatural with Larissa Ione, G.A. Aiken and myself. She is best known for her Guardians of Eternity series and has a new anthology due out in November called The Real Werewives of Vampire County! So here she is the lady of the hour...Alexandra Ivy
1. If you could transform into any animal, what would you choose? Please tell us, as only an author can, why you would make this specific choice?
I would absolutely choose an eagle. Just imagine spending your days gliding above the world, swooping down to consume your prey before heading back toward the sky. It seems like the most basic form of freedom.

2. Please share with us your most embarrassing moment with a fan or another author.
I don’t really have an embarrassing moment with a fan or author, but during one of my early book signings I arrived to discover the manager had no idea I was supposed to be there. They at last set up a tiny tray in the corner of the store with a bottle of water I had to pay for and I spent the next hour directing customers to the bathroom…ugh.

3. Which do you prefer to write? The hero or the villain? And why?
The hero. I always fall in love with my heroes when I’m writing their stories and even though the villains can often be far more interesting and complex from a writer’s prospective, I still enjoy the thrill of creating that delicious man who makes my heart flutter and my palms sweat. I don’t think that will ever, ever get old!

4. Do you have someone in your life that you model your heroes after? What about those villains?
I usually combine bits and pieces of people I know into making a character along with a large dollop of make-believe. My heroes can have a variety of admirable qualities as well as flaws, but they all have an inherent kindness toward those weaker than themselves. My villains I try to make as complex as possible with a few hero qualities so they aren’t entirely evil. There’s nothing more boring than completely black or white characters.

5. I am a woman who is 43 years old and has a crush on her 25-year-old gardener, what naughty secret do you have to share?
I love watching Hoarders. I don’t know why, it makes me crazy (not to mention my family who are forced to help me in my cleaning frenzy after I watch it), but it’s like a train wreck…I can’t look away.

6. I’ll go easy on you this time. What is your sinful pleasure? I have two. Gluttony: where I eat to much Ben & Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio, and Sloth : where I laze in bed all day watching HGTV (Mike Holmes…mmm nummy!) or Farscape. Please be equally specific.
Envy: I detest those people who can eat whatever they want and keep skinny. I have to do hours of sweaty, hideous exercise every day to keep my butt from spreading. Vanity: I can lay around the house in pjs, but if the Fedex man pulls in the drive I slap on make-up and put on real clothes so he doesn’t run away screaming in fear.

7. Do you sing in the shower? What would Simon Cowell think of your performance? What is your favorite song choice?
I sing when I walk (thank gods I live in the country) and Simon Cowell would have me shot to put me and the wildlife out of our misery. Truly, I’m AWFUL. I love punk and classic rock and pop and…hey, just because I can’t sing doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy music ☺

8. If you could be any of your characters whom would you choose? Tell us why of course.
Levet. The tiny gargoyle is a true snark and he gets to say everything I wish I could. I tend to be a nice person and even when I’m dying to say that truly nasty comment hanging on the end of my tongue, I usually walk away. Levet is my release valve…

9. Who did it the best? Out of all of your favorite paranormal authors’ works, who wrote the BEST SCENE EVA? Explain.
I loved Nalini Singh’s Branded By Fire, the very first pages with Mercy and Riley starts out with an explosive sex scene. It’s amazingly hot and while I usually enjoy the sexual buildup of tension that comes before the actual sex as we get to know the characters, I think she pulled it off brilliantly.

10. You are now a published author, which some would say is the pinnacle for any writer. Now that you have achieved this goal, what is your new dream? What is it that you now aspire to do?
I’ve always wanted to finish my play and see it staged. I was a theatre major in college and I still miss seeing a story come alive on stage. Plus, I’ve harbored a secret dream for the red carpet before the Tony Awards FOREVER!!!
Be sure and pick of The Real Werewives of Vampire County! Out this November! I must say this is a great title and a spectacular cover, defiantly a must read!

Bound by Darkness is the next installment in the Guardians of Eternity series is hitting shelves worldwide on December 6th,2011!
BE SURE AND LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW. Alexandra has been nice enough to give a copy of both The real Werewives of Vampire County and Bound by Darkness to two lucky commenters!



Kelly said...

Great interview Jacki.
Thank you for sharing Alex with us.

Can't wait to read Real Werewifes of Vampire County.

Kelly M


Linda said...

Great interview! I double scrub after watching Hoarders too!! That is my worse nightmare! Thanks, now I have another author on my wishlist.


K33p3rofViolence said...

I loved the interview! I've only read two of Alexandra's books but so far I love them and I'm a very picky reader. Can't wait to read more of both authors books!


rockinjww said...

Nice interview! Thanks for giving us a peek at your wonderful mischievous mind! I love Levet, he is ALWAYS good for a belly laugh. Looking forward to reading more.


Barbara said...

I adore Alexandra Ivy..and spout her praises everywhere I talk books!..Can't wait for her next GofE book!..soon soon soon...

Thanks so much for the interview


Victoria said...

Thanks for the excellent interview. I am really looking forward to The Real Werewives of Vampire County. I love your books. Thanks again.


dawnmomoffour said...

Great interview! I see I have yet another author to add to my list of authors to try :-) I haven't yet read any of your books but I hope to soon. Thanks for the information.
-Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

Debbie said...

Great Interview!!! I love Jackies questions.I can't wait to check out Real Werewives of Vampire County, I love books with funny names like that with sooo many on my TBR list sometimes thats my deciding factor of what to read next. Thanks for the givaway


Alisa said...

Awesome questions.. love the quirkiness.. gives a better insight into the person who writes such awesome books.. and i LOVE levet!

Michelle said...

Can't wait to get my hands on th Real Werewives of Vampire County! I do like Luc. Hoping for more Levet come December!

Great interview


alainala said...

oohh i cant wait to read this anthology! i love your books, thanks so much!

alainala AT hotmail DOT ca

apetty101 said...

Great interview, Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with all of crazy fans. My questions is, When did you know you were going to be a writer and did you know that is what you wanted to do? I am trying to encourage my son who is a wonderful creative write and who is looking for a major in school. I love reading his short stories but I am his mother. Thanks for your thoughts.

mtisch said...

Great interview... I love getting new information on a great new novel... I love to read I just wish I had a few more me time hours in the day.lol!

Wendy G said...

Great interview! I am really looking forward to Real Werewives of Vampire County and I love the Guardian series.

Wendy G


BigDreams said...

Excited to read them both! Enjoyed the interview!

Scorpio1974 said...

Such a great interview! I love Alexandra Ivy, I've been wanting to read all her books for a while now! =) Thanks for this generous giveaway opportunity!

Valerie Long

Kendra said...

Love Alexandra's books!
can't wait for the next installment!!

Kristin85 said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BOOKS!! I'v read them all! I'm glad to learn more about you too! I would love to read Bound by Darkness early! Just putting it out there lol ;)


ShellyE said...

Great interview!! I love Alexandra's books, and would love to win either one!!

Cin5584 said...

Can't wait for the new book

Amanda said...

Thanks so much for doing the interview. Totally agree Hoarders is addictive... I really enjoy hearing more about the authors I admire. Love Alexandra's books!! :)


cait045 said...

I can't wait to read it. What a great title I love it.


Michelle Bledsoe said...

Hi Alexandra. I was introduced to you when I read Supernatural. That weekend I went out and bought your books. I so love them. And yes, I love Levet too.I would love to have him in my life. LOL

koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

Melissa said...

Thanks for the great interview!! I haven't read a lot of Alexandra's books but I can't wait to now after this!!!!

Thanks for the chance to win with this giveaway!!


InlovewithTwilight7 said...

I have read every book,in this series. I have really enjoyed getting lost in your Imorrtal world.i would love to read both the,new books. Have a great rest of the week..



Kite said...

Awesome interview. I was really interested in hearing what Alexandra thought of the best scene ever.

Would love a copy of one of her new books.


TinaBuriedUnderBooks said...

I love Alexandra Ivy and The Guardian of Eternity Series! #ThatIsAll
I am currently reading Devoured by Darkness 81% done~ just in time for Bound By Darkness. I loved the interview and thanks for the giveaway.


LadyVampire2u said...

Loved the interview! And I have to say that the covers for both these books are fabulous. Thanks for the chance to win them.

LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

Sheree said...

The bathroom? Really? Well, if it's any consolation, not a whole lot of people showed up at the first J. K. Rowling signing either.

ironss [at] gmail [dot] com

Lisa M Leone Nunes said...

Alex rocks, her Guardians are HOT! I push them whenever I can! TY to another Favorite, Jackie for having her today! Can I have the book? PA LEEEEEaaaaase?

Lisa M Leone Nunes said...

Alex Rocks, and I must LOVE her since this is my THIRD time trying to leave a comment! LOL Her Guardians are HOT and I push her whenever I can. TY to another fav, Jackie for having her and TY for the chance to win a book! Woooo hoooo

Candy G said...

Great interview! I don't blame you for picking Levet he's so lovable!


habfitzp said...

Love the guardians. Can't wait for the next book to come out!!!!!!!!!


rockyhorses said...

Love your books Alexandra. Great interview. Thanks for all the wonderful stories :)

Deb830 said...

I love your books! Thanks Jacki for the interview! I can't wait to read Alex's new books!

deb ;0)


Jet said...

An eagle is a great choice! Though I have a slight fear of heights so it wouldn't be the animal for me *shudder* Love from Australia!


Jodi said...

I am so anxiously awaiting The Guardians of Eternity's next book! I keep finding these awesome series and I read through all the books and then I have to wait painstakingly until the next one comes out! Reading is my addiction and my escape. It's the only excitement and romance I get since my husband left in May.

Jodi Stanton

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Hello the Winner of Bound By Darkness is Kristen85 and the Winner of the Real Werewives of Vampire County is Wendy G Congrats...send your snail mail to natalie@jacquelynfrank.com and put I Won the A.Ivy contest and the book title in the subject line. Thanks!

airaseemp said...
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airaseemp said...

hi i love the series a lot and i love the love story and action in the books
e-mail: airaseemp@yahoo.com


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