Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm sorry....say what??

You know, some things can make a bad day good. Like writing. It turned my Monday blues around and I was feeling peppy and zippy.

And some things can...

So I go to get my nails done. In a touch of irony just as I sit down at the table of the nail salon (I had never been there before) they are running a story on the news about how a nail salon in California charges a 5 dollar surcharge for anyone over 200 lbs.

I'm sorry...what? I must have missed the part in anatomy class where they tell you that fat people have bigger nails than everyone else. Or that there is a significant difference in the acreage of pudgy pods versus slender tiny Cinderella steppers. Therefore, it must take longer to do a pedicure. Or a manicure. Now granted, your feet ARE bigger when you are overweight. But that changes your shoe size. Not your nail size.

So they proceed to have a debate as to whether or not this is discrimination or does the salon have the right to do this.

YOU HAVE TO DEBATE THIS??? WHY is this even a question?? Of course it's discrimination! Jim Crow is dancing in his grave! What if it was a five dollar surcharge for being black? Would we be having this debate? No! We'd be fining those people, arresting them...whatever! The fact is, the woman was being charged for the way she looked. Period.

So the guy taking my polish off turns around to the girl behind him, laughs out loud and says, "That's a great idea! We should do that!" (Charge 5 bux for fat people).

Well. Now. I jerked my hands out of his and said, "That's not even funny! Don't even joke like that." Although, I think he was kinda serious. "I used to weigh 365lbs and I don't find that funny at all!"

He gives me that look that most people give me. Shock. You? 365lbs? Oh come on. You're kidding, right?

"365 pounds," I reiterate. He takes my hand and says, "Sorry, I didn't know what they were talking about. I made a mistake."
His mistake was taking a look around and seeing only slender people in the shop and thinking everyone would laugh with him...or agree with him. He knew exactly what they were talking about. He meant every word.

I took my hands back, got up and walked out.

Now I'm trying to keep it from ruining all the rest of my day.


Stephanie*magic* said...

Good for you for getting up and leaving!!
You are right, why the hell are they even debating such NONSENSE??!!!
Ignorant, greedy ass people!!
But dont let it get ya down, you gave him something to think about by leaving, by us all letting people know that we wont tolerate that kind of thing, hopefully we will make a difference.

Peggy said...

I think that is disgusting. As a manicurist ( in CO ) for 17 years I have never heard of such and outrageous thing. I am a wonderful sexy plus size woman, and I would give the beat down if salon wanted more $ for my big beautiful self to sit in their chair.
From a nail tech view here if the pedicure chair has the foot rest and your not supporting the leg with your arms, then it is the same procedure. From to the soaking, and filing, to the trimming, and sanding, to scrubbing, and massaging, and polishing.
I gave a pedicure to a huge football player, I don't have a fancy tub and I supported all his leg weight on my knee. It felt no different than the 95 lb client before him and didn't take any longer less actually cause he didn't want polish as much as I tried tee hee....
And yes nails are the same on thin, large, tall, short. But not child vs adult. What they are doing is just another way to make people feel like crap. I would sue them if I were the client.
I applaud you for making your statement and walking out of the salon. It sounds like you need to come see me in Boulder. I cater to every foot and finger and I do it well.

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Peggy...I just fell in love with you. :) And I desperately need a new manicurist. Mine left for Vegas leaving me to flounder in places like the above mentioned. Ugh. And honestly, they tend to burn my nails with the drill. I'm very sensitive.

samantha said...

This just makes me sick!! OMG, first of all, why in the world would nail places even think of doing this?? Are they saying that fat people don't have the same right to feel pretty like everyone else? Furthermore, how are they going to distinguish who weighs over 200 lbs or not? Just because you look heavy doesn't mean you weigh that much. You did the right thing by leaving, there's no way I would've given my money to that guy either! Peggy, I too think you're great!

Stacie Stovall said...

That's just not right at all!!! I may be thin, but if I had heard that at my nail salon...I would have given them an ear full, and they would have lost my business too. I don't tolerate stupid people very well. They tend to just piss me off. Jacki, I really hope that you have a better day tomorrow. *HUGS*

amanda said...

GO JACQUELYN!!! you're an amazing woman, and what a way to stand up to those horrific people! it's people like you that make the world a less discriminate place, even if it's a little bit at a time...

HELDSKI said...

Good for you! Standing up and leaving, while leaving him in no doubt about the reason...yeah you! What an ass! Unfortunately, I doubt he'll be man enough to change his attitude. Wonder if his boss is aware of what an idiot he hired? Anyway, good for you on not accepting such attitudes!

Prouty said...

Jacquelyn when you come to CO you look me up or let me know via facebook and I will show you what a nail service really feels like. No burning or pain from an e-file. No bumps dips or sad looking nails.
I have loved your work for a loong time and I think it's awesome that you share your personal side with us all. So you can love me as much as you want in return hahaha. I sure hope things turned around for you.

plaidbutterfly2 said...

WAY TO GO!!! Literally, from that dreadful place. How could he even think after his piss-poor apology that you would stay and encourage his business!!! Awesome action from an AWESOME lady!!!!

Victoria said...

Did you see how the salon in question tried to get around it by saying the chairs would only hold up to 200 pounds? They've decided to post a sign above the pedicure station stating a weight limit - how sad.

CatsMeow said...

WTG Jacki! Brava. It takes courage to voice your outrage and then get up and walk out. I just had bypass surgery a few weeks ago and I hope I will have as much success loosing weight as you have.


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