Monday, October 24, 2011

At Last! At Last! ADAM: Nightwalkers Book Six!

I made you wait THREE years. Some of you are far luckier than those who followed me from the beginning and had to wait much less time. To be honest, I didn't think I was ever going to write this book. I thought, maybe in my old age I would amuse myself by finally doing something with that bitch Ruth. Heh. Well, I admit, I was feeling a little burned out at the time. I wrote those novels back to back, REALLY fast, (on average of 2.5 weeks per novel--unmedicated bipolar manic episodes--with minimal time in between) and I also had so many other worlds I wanted to write about now that I was officially a published author! I do confess to a bit of series A.D.D., but this time I am finishing what I started.

Well,...maybe ;)

I'm not trying to be coy. I'm trying to be a naughty biotch. Is it working? Hehehe.

Let's talk us some ADAM. Ahh..what can I say? Well, to be honest, not very much! I have bent over backwards trying to keep the plot of this book secret. Not that outside sources have helped much with that. But those of you who follow me on Facebook know about my pet peeves about reviewers who think its their job to blab out spoilers (it's not) and readers who like to spoil things for others, and websites that think misprinting parts of the lead in to the book is going to help you want to buy it. (It's not.) And bookstores that continually insist on slapping the book out onto shelves in advance of the release date like they are doing me some kind of favor. (They aren't.) Sigh. It's been an uphill battle really. And what's the big deal? Why work so hard? Well, first, that's my job. I work damn hard at crafting not just a story, but what I like to consider a total experience. That excitement when you read the back of the book, the anticipation when you wait for it to come in the mail (or download on your kindle:nook:etc), the fondling of the cover, the deep breath in before you crack that cover and start the whole experience....then the laughing, the crying...the fury...the sighing, the joy, the lust...oh, yeah baby, that's the stuff! And if I don't wrench all of that out of you, I have NOT done my job, dammit. THAT'S why I take this all so seriously. And when I take risks like I did in ADAM, I take them in order to craft the entertaining and emotional arc that you are spending your hard earned downturned economy bucks to get! For someone to come along and take that away from you...well, I'm the first in line to kick 'em in the balls. NO ONE is going to cheat my readers, dammit! Not while I'm still alive and breathing!

But now is the day. ADAM is here! The countdown is over! YAHOO! I just served you up a heaping plate of tall, dark and handsome with a side order of smoking powerful and deeply loyal manliness. Oh, and the dessert is that tart and saucy little minx of a Vampire you all know and love so well who is SO in dire need of meeting her match! Watch out Jasmine, here he comes! Available in audio, print and ebook!

A week after this debut, ADAM will make his appearance on my role-playing page on Facebook. If you aren't following me on Facebook, please do so! I'll give you all the latest and greatest and some really freakin funny cat pictures too. I also TWEET. Both links are in the sidebar or you can click to follow. Oh and keep an eye out for some fabulous updates on the webpage! Also, there's some work in store for JAX, my alter-ego. You'll here more about that just as soon as I do.

Now I may seem a little quiet these next few months as far as unblushing is concerned, but that's because I have HUGE HUGE plans in the works. Stay tuned. I'll let you know all about it as soon as possible. I think you'll be tickled to death. :)

Anyway, my assistant Natalie, my fan club president Melena (who runs the role-playing page) and myself are thrilled to have you with us. Let's have some fun. And please, if you like the book, post reviews like crazy. And even if you don' on Amazon and let me know why. I'm not above your opinions. Far from it.

Thanks for hanging in with me guys!

Hugs and Kitties,

PS: Comment or ask me a question below to be entered into a contest for an AUDIO version of one of the earlier NIGHTWALKER books!


Michelle said...

I am so excited about Adam finally being here! I'm trying to get the kids to bed early so I can have some uninterrupted time with him.

I've been thoroughly enjoying your other worlds but I must admit to being extremely happy that you wrote Adam and he is finally here!

Congrats on the release, Jacki. I will happily post reviews when I'm done, looking forward to tomorrow's cat picture :)


apetty101 said...

I am very excited to read Adam. I am also very excited to read anything from JAX. Can you offer any further tidbits about what you have coming from her. Thank you so much.

shdv420 said...

Im so excited for you and excited for all of us to get to read Adam!!!!!!!

jabelfield said...
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jabelfield said...

I've been following you awhile on FB and finally have your Nightwalkers books on my Kindle. Jacob is definitely my next read once my tasks for the week are complete and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. Congrats on your latest release. :o)

Gwendolyn said...

I can't wait to get my copy of this book. I have followed you since Jacob and I can't be any more excited than I am at this moment!

Stacie Stovall said...

*raises hand* I've got a question. Is there any book that you had in your head that wouldn't shut up until you wrote it? What was the hardest book for you to write? Which one of your books do you love most? Ok, so it was three questions. *laughs* I can't wait to read Adam! Jasmine finally gets her man. ;)

Craftielilhart said...
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Samantha Taylor said...

Finally we get to read ADAM!!!! And I loved the Shadowdewllers series, any of those coming soon?

-Samantha Taylor

Darlene said...

Hi, Jacquelyn! My friend loves the Nightwalkers series so much that she gifted the first book, Jacob, to me through Audible. She raves about your series, and she has been eagerly awaiting the release of Adam!

I can't imagine writing an entire novel in less than three weeks!
I am curious about your writing style. Did the entire book come to you at once, or did you have the ending clearly in your mind and built your book towards that, or do you find that you are open to where the book will take you as a writer?

I am looking forward to listening to Jacob!

darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Well as far as JAX is concerned, I've taken the short story The Phoenix Project from NOCTURNAL and run with it. I have a short and a full novel in that series coming out under the JAX name in the future.Stacie, the book that wouldn't shut up has to be DRINK OF ME. The hardest book to write has to be this last JAX book I wrote just I hurt myself midstream and sometimes painkillers get in the way. But also, sometimes they make the scene wild sexy! lol! And my favorite book is always RAPTURE. I have a thing for Magnus. Samantha, I have no SHADOWDWELLERS planned at present, but that doesn't mean I don't want to write it. Sometimes I have to manage other things first! And I think you'll like the 'other things' when I can finally tell you about it. ;)

apetty101 said...

I am now very excited about the JAX books. I loved Nick and Amara. I cant wait to read what you write about the 6 dark cities. Thank you.

Jacquelyn Frank said...'ll be very interesting I think!

FanGirlMom said...

Jacob was the book that got me back into reading fiction (after the kids got old enough that I had time to read again!)and I re-read the whole series in preparation for Adam today (yea!) - I still love them just as much as I ever did. I've read all your other books/series and although I enoy them too, nothing has grabbed me as much as "our" beloved Demons and their Nightwalker world. Thanks for Adam!!! I can't wait to get started tonight!

P.S. - any more Gatherers coming???

Jacquelyn Frank said...

No Gatherers in the future. My focus is going to be..ahem...closer to your favorites. ;)

FanGirlMom said...

OMG - you are SUCH a tease! :-)

SusanM said...

I wish I had started to reread these books last week, so I could ask some Adam questions or comment on it. But since I am just rereading Jacob(who I LOVE!!!!!!!) I am gonna have to stay off these other pages so, i don't find out anything before I read Adam!!! It has been close to 2 years since I read your Nightwalkers series and was thrilled when I learned you were writing a new book. So, Thank you!!!!! I must go, so I can read, read, read!!!!

CindyWindyDoodleAllDay said...

I woke up this morning and checked my email, seeing a mysterious purchase from Amazon. "Huh?" I muttered to myself, opening the email and seeing that it was Adam! I ran around my house, trying to find my kindle, frantically getting ready for work (blech) and poking my son with a cattle prod to get him ready for school.

"Squee!" I found my Kindle.

"Damn!" It needed to be charged, and my charger is at work. That's okay. That is where I'm going.

I got to work. Charge my Kindle. Downloaded Adam. Read the first chapter...GAH! The suspense! I don't want to put it down, but I must.

I have a sneaky suspicion that I won't be sleeping tonight!

Thank you so much for your dedication, and give your muse a wet, sloppy kiss!

Toys2Tango said...

this is great that you finally have Adam out , now we need more JAX

BiteMeAsh said...

Congrats on the release of Adam. I'm so happy and itching to get my hands holding the book *lol*

I wait patiently for further news on what's next ;o)

Your fan, Rita from South Africa
bitemeash (at) gmail (dot) com

Gina Marie Long said...

Congrats & Yay! Cannot wait to get my hands on "Adam"!! Love all your books! I gave a shoutout to you for the release of "Adam" on my Enter Paranormal Blog!

Kate Douglas said...

Congratulations on your release! I've got my copy sitting on my desk. As soon as the WIP is finished, I'll be checking out Adam's story. I've made a point not to read anything about this book, so I'm getting it fresh.

Should be free to read it in about three more days...if I type fast.

ChuChu said...


Kim said...

I absolutely love this book. I forgot who Adam was. But I am glad that this book was written. And I am happy for Jas! ~~~ Kim

Jessie said...

Oh my goodness! I loved Adam just as much as the others! Thankfully I was one who got into your books not long before the release of Adam was announced! I blew through the books and read Adam in 2 days! You did leave me with so many questions I wish you could have answered, but I loved it none the less! I think you should do some sort of update book! How DOES Seth's power work? Does Siena have kittens? What becomes of Syreena's children, Vampire and Lycan mix? I look forward to your upcoming works! You are awesome!

Jacquelyn Frank said...

OK the Winner of ADAM audio is CindyWindyDoddleAllDay! Send me your snail mail to and put I won Adam audio in the subject line. Congrats :)

msmjb65 said...
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msmjb65 said...

Hi! Just wanted to congratulate you on Adam, Supernatural, Seduce Me in Flames, etc..
I just started Adam today and i'm already reading it oo quickly! I came upon The Nightwalkers in my local Barnes and noble about 2 years ago and bought most of the books that day and the remaining soon after and read them straight through with no breaks. since It's been a little while, I'm tempting to go back to read over the older books cuz I feel like I forgot a loss there..I love going back to earlier parts of a series when a new book comes out. Compulsive, much?'re one hard-working author and you deserve at least a vacation, no?
congrats again and thanks for bringing the goods,
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

ag said...

Hello Jacquelyn, I just wanted to tell you how much I've injoyed your nightwalker series, your shadowdewellers series and almost all your works. I love Adam, but I must ask if there will more on the nightwalkers or even more important on the shadowdewellers

Unknown said...

I don't know if you monitor this any we ever find out who the girl demon with the black and gray hair and changeable gray eyes ... was/is?

guardian2420 said...

I got Adam and read it becacause i love the whole series and have all of them. But out of the whole series my fave. character was Jacob I read his book like 3 times. So the begining of Adam actually brought tears to my eyes. Dont get me wrong Adam was amazing like everything you write. I just want to know what made you decide on Jacob and Isabella. There story was beautiful and exciting

guardian2420 said...

I stand corrected when i made my first comment about Adam i was not finished reading it. I was just right away upset about ending Jacob because i love him the most out of any character. But i should have had faith because Adam had a amazing twist and ending. I was so very happy about Jacob. Now i just really want to know who next. And i was also wondering about the demon girl with gray and black hair as well as was itsmart to keep the Ruth ball then just destroy it.

Kamao Poot said...

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NikiSnaps said...

Oh sweet Destiny! Please check your blog, Miss Jacki! :). I've just finished the nightwalkers ( Jacob through Adam) for the fifth time, at least. Getting ready to read the bodywalkers again. The demon with the black and gray hair.... I have my theories but it is killing me!!!!


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