Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Evil Evil Contest is HERE!!! (And I aint kidding about the evil part!)

Hey everyone. *Innocent smile* Now, didn't I promise you a wonderful contest? Of course, those of you who know me know just how...umm...delightful my contests can be! What??? It'll be fun! I swear! And the number one prize...oh it is oh so worth it. One shiny new ARC six months in advance of the story of one BIG BEAUTIFUL BLONDE WARRIOR!

Yep. ELIJAH, my dears.

And I must say this is one of my very favorite tales in my series.

This is the prize of contest number one.

Yep. That's what I said. Contest number one. Because in actuality I am running two contests. The prize for the second contest is a $25.00 gift certificate to a beautiful jewelry store called Serene Dreaming.

If you click on the name or the banner you can cruise the site a bit and see just how gorgeous these one of a kind pieces are. By far this is a wonderful prize and I want to thank Serena, the owner of Serene Dreaming, for helping me come up with it. I gave away two of her bracelets at RT Houston in my author basket and they were truly lovely. And you should remember her store and her name because Serena and I are cooking up something very enticing to celebrate the release of Elijah in January!
Now, I'll shut up already and start the contest.
In order to win the ARC of Elijah...
I am going to list a number of quotes from the pages of both JACOB and GIDEON. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to locate the quotes in their respective books and give me a list of the book and the PAGE NUMBERS they can be found on!
Example Quote: "Never," he rasped, the word falling from him on hot, rapid breaths. "Do you hear me, Bella? Never will any other man be allowed to touch you."
Example Answer: Jacob - Page 177
So, list each number of each quote, then beside that number write the book it is from and the page number it is from. You must get them ALL right in order to make the drawing for Elijah!
Here are your quotes! GOOD LUCK! (yeah hate me.)
#1. Jacob went very, very still. Something extremely important was swimming on the outside of his awareness, but he was deeply consumed with his need for her, instincts created at the birth of the Earth chaining him to his course.
#2. "You are a child! A child! I am stronger than this. I will not give in to this ridiculous impulse to madness. I refuse!"
#3. Sweet Destiny, you would think a Queen could afford the entire dress.
#4. "Come one step closer and I'll bash his tiny brain in," Isabella warned.
#5. She paused, her eyes scouting ahead of her touch, and nibbled on her lower lip as she considered whether or not to continue her secret tour of him.
#6. “Spawn, am I? Straight from hell, yes?” she hissed viciously, a resonating, animalistic sound trebling out of her. The rush of her returned power made her giddy, just as the sharp influence of the moon encouraged her wildly. Her predator’s gaze pushed past lens and retina, driving through the tunnel of black pupil as she thrust herself into the necromancer’s mind. “See, sorceress. See yourself in hell.”
#7. "Have a nice sex change, you son of a bitch."
#8. And then she closed her eyes, a tremor shivering up her curving spine as she touched her mouth to his, and finally said his name.

#9. "You know, I think you better go out there and enforce some of my laws before I begin to think of how many ways I can set your ass on fire."
#10. In an instant Gideon went from being in control of a neutral examination to an internal thermonuclear flash-point of arousal that literally took his breath away.
BONUS QUOTE: You don't have to answer this one, but if you do I will send you an ELIJAH bookmark and the new never-before-seen keychain with your beautiful new ARC! Possibly more!
#11. “I am surprised you are not beating the hell out of me,” he observed.
“I’m still waking up. I’ll kick your ass later."
There! Now isn't that easy??
*ducks to avoid flying objects*
Well, what did you expect from ME?? So here you go. Write the answers 1 thru 10 (or 11) in an email exactly like in the example. Put the title EVIL CONTEST in the SUBJECT line of the email and send it to ! All answers must be perfectly correct for you to make it into the drawing. You have exactly ONE WEEK from today to do this! The contest ends midnight JULY 8th! That means 12:01 JULY 8th is TOO LATE and you will be disqualified.

Now...for the second contest. For the prize of a fabu gift certificate of $25.00 for you to spend at Serene Dreaming.

Well, ...oh all right...I will be kind and benevolent. Heh. This one is easy. It will be SERENE you could say. All you have to do is tell my YOUR favorite line from either Jacob or Gideon (none of the above allowed!) Just one quote. But you better get it right, because I will be checking! Then you send me a separate email with SERENE CONTEST in the SUBJECT line and send it off to me, once again, at! This contest ends the same time as the first does.

See now that isn't so it?

*crickets chirping*


Hugs and Kitties,

Jacquelyn Frank


Serena said...


That is evil btw...LOL

Lila Dubois said...

you're so evil.

I tagged you, btw, for a meme. It's on my bloggy

Kat said...

Thanks Jacki :)

It'll have to wait until after Tuesday, but I can't wait to work on it!!!!

Amy said...

Isn't it a great contest!! I only say that because I don't have to do it!! Good Luck to everyone!!

Anne Douglas said...

Crap, I find the blog, with an ARC contest I wouldn't mind having a piece of and it's AFTER I take the books back to the library.

See I was blogging about an oddity I found in the books, and came looking for links, then I find the contest.

I'm looking forward to Elijah's story ... January you say, not Dec?

Dazed said...

WOW!! That was great!!
Can we do another ? I am all finished with mine.=)

Tracy said...

Woohoo! I'm on the job! :) Great contest Jacki!

Suzette said...

One I would love to do but I just moved in to my new house and books are still packed away...have fun ya'll. I'll catch the next contest or giveaway.

Lynn said...

Great contest!

I'll have to harrass my neighbor to read faster so I can get Gideon back. ;)

Pamk said...

whoohoo This is an evil contest. Thank goodness I remembered where some of these were. But i stayed up till 3 am last night figuring these out. Only had one left and must have read that line a dozen times. But I finally found it when we took the kids fishing this morning.

Erin the Innocent said...

OY! And this is why I don't win your contests LOL

I'm too lazy. *g* Good luck to the people who play though!

"Uncle" Buck said...

And to think people have called me a vicious, evil, son of a bitch. Damn lady, this contest is harder than me after 6 months away from my wife serving in downtown Baghdad.

"Uncle" Buck


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