Monday, November 10, 2008

Howdy All!

First order of business, someone who commented on my last blog has won a deck of Nightwalkers cards. PEIRCED FREAK, if you could send me your name and snail mail address to me in an email at, I can send that deck off to you.

Well, I've been a writing fool lately. I am hardly popping my head up to say hi. But I am working on some great new stuff...non Nightwalker I'm afraid...but I am sure you'll love it just the same.

Now, to make sure you are paying attention...

I was watching True Blood yesterday. Le Sigh. I love this show!! I wish there was a Nightwalkers show like this. So that gave me an idea. I am going to give away an new ARC of Ecstasy to the person that thinks up the most clever title for a Nightwalkers show. Besides, of course, "The Nightwalkers". Leave your offering in the comments section. LEt's see how your brains work, hehehe.

Hey, would you watch a Nightwalkers show? Just curious.

Hugs and Kitties


Leslie Bryan said...

I would SO watch a 'Nightwalker's tv series...I already watch True blood religiously...LOL

I think your series should be called...To Walk the Night

nikki :) said...

Hi Jacki:)
I would love a show about the Nightwalkers, as I also am a fan of True Blood. I often think of your books when I watch the show! Maybe a fitting title could be something like "We Own the Night" or "Nocturnal by Nature".
I also love "Nightwalkers" as a title---it sums up all of the books neatly. :)

Lynn said...

Great news on Bianca coming for Christmas :)

I think a good name would be a combination of the Nightwalkers and the Shadowdwellers.

Shadows of the Night or Shadows in the Night.

I have to agree that Nightwalkers and Shadowdwellers sound the best.


Tabitha said...

I would watch it and have a hard time waiting for the next show. I think it could be called Night Elements

Lynn said...

Forgot to comment about watching the Nightwalkers show. I certainly would. We need more good paranormal nightly programming out there.

Anita said...

Oooh a TV show about the NightWalkers. I'd have to think on that one. Let's see. How about 'NightBreeds' or perhaps 'Afterdark' But I would watch it if it here in the UK!!!

Rena said...

Hi Jacki! Glad to hear that you and Bianca will get to spend the holiday together!!

A Nightwalker TV show...hell yeah I'd watch it! I thought of a title plus a catchy little line to go with it.

Demons After Dark - These ain't your grandmother's demons!

Anna said...

I'm loving True Blood too, it's an addiction. ;)

Reign of Night

or Nightdwellers(kinda sums up both series)

Shoshana said...

I would watch it. We don't get HBO so i haven't seen True Blood.

As far as a name... Hot Nights (it was either that or the multitude of '50s B movie type titles!)

Hayley said...

Who would not watch a Nightwalkers show, I'm addicted to the books so you wouldn't be able to pry me from the t.v.

As for the name I'd have to go for a play on words 'Knight Walkers' or 'Demon Knights'

jabberwookie said...

I would watch your the Nightwalker's show religiously. :) I love the True Blood series as well. As to the title of your series... hmmm... Maybe "Creatures of The Night" or Nocturnal Wanders or la noche.

Dawn said...

Hi Jacki,

I would love a nightwalkers show.

I like Protectors of The Night!!

The_Book_Queen said...

I have to say-- I've never seen TrueBlood, though I have seen the commercials on a lot and I have heard many good things about it. I may have to watch it one of these days!

Like others, I also have to say that 'Nightwalkers' or 'Shadowdwellers' sum everything up perfectly. Like they say: Why fix something if it's not broken?

But I'll think outside the box for a minute.. How about "In The Dark of the Night"

Pamk said...

Nocturnal walkers
The Walkers
NDB Night Dwelling Beings
Night Shadows
Others of the Night
Night Lovers

Congrats on B coming for xmas and that's all I can thing of for now.

Ada Lato-Esposito said...

Hi Jacki...I think ur orginial title 'The Nightwalkers' would b an amazing title 4 a TV series as well. But if u had 2 choose another title, I would suggest DEMONEYE. Just my thought! Happy Writing!



Beth said...

Hey Jacki! I'm stoked to read whatever you write! I've never seen True Blood, sadly no HBO for this household- but I'd love to see the Nightwalker series on tv!

As for a title, hmmm... Maybe something like Men of the Night or Royal Darkness?

Sounds like you will be having a Merry Little Christmas! Congrats on Bianca joining you for the holiday!

Universal Chick said...

Congrats Pierced Freak!!!

Ok if they decided to do a TV show or a mini series I would definitely watch it Im a big True Blood Fan and also a big Blood Ties fan (Im still hoping they have pity and give us another season) anyway here's my pitch

Into the Night
Demon Moon
Dark Side of the Moon
Demon Called
Nightwalkers Unleashed
The Others

Suzanne said...

Hi Jacki!
Um, yeah. I'd so watch a Nightwalkers TV show. I'd even order HBO for it, lol. I'd call it something like "After Dark" (If humans knew what walked among them they'd never go outside) or "When Darkness Falls" (things really do go *bump* in the night)

pixchic said...

I think the name of the show should be "Feared" as it can be seen two ways: they are feared by their enemies and they are respected/feared that know their worth

Pattie said...

Hi Jacki..

Unhallowed Nights...That would do it for me! Hope you are well..

Pattie said...

Or just Unhallowed :)

MeShelle said...

I would so love a nightwalker show

how about for a show name:
Beyond the Night, or
Of the Night

Carpathian Queen said...

mmm... good suggestions already!
Would I watch it? Definitely

Any names... Deep in the night, Deep Midnight, After Dusk

Julia said...

Okay, here's the thing, I think it should be short and sweet like the titles to the books.
Maybe "Samhain" or "Beltaine"

Sue said...

Just started reading the series and would watch a tv series about it. It takes a lot to get me hooked on any author, I tend to be very picky on what grabs my attention.

Peachez said...

Hey, Girl what's doing? Give B a hug I am glad you are getting to spend time with someone that brings a little joy to you. Yeah TrueBlood is HOT, Your series have all the dynamics to be on the tellie so far as a name you have incorporated the primary nocturnal species and then some " Primal Dark or Dark Fire, Noire Nights those are my suggestions as always wishing you and yours my blessings Mz Peaches

tia said...

I would love a tv show based on your series, that would be incredible!! My votes for a show title would be:

In the Shadows
Dreams of the Night
The Elementals

the.witch said...

ok, my pennies worth of thoughts: :)

first - :( i would Loooove to watch True Blood, but like shoshanna, we don't get it :( ratz.

second - I would SO WATCH a tv show based on the Nightwalkers!!! Oh YEAH! :D

third - titles?
tia's The Elementals
peaches Primal Dark
carpathian queen (christine?) After Dusk
meshelle's Of The Night
anita and suzanne's After Dark
beth said Men of the Night, but I really like "Of The Night"
tabitha's Night Elements

and my suggestion for a title... (drum roll please) :D /silly me/

UnderCover of Darkness

:D ta daaaa! LOL

Thanks for sharing your brain (creativity) with us!

Carmen R said...

hmmm How about The Call of Night? or The Forbidden?

Lynn said...

Hey Jacki,

I thought of another name or two

Nocturnal Masters

Elements of Darkness

TANYA said...

I would LOVE to watch a Nightwalkers tv series or a movie about the nightwalkers. I absolutly love these types of eries. I have read all of JR Ward's books and I am reading Christine Feehan as well, I just recently started reading your books, i just read my first one and it was Jacob. I read the book in one day, i was hooked by chapter two. As for a title for the show, how about "In the Dark of Night" or "hallowed Moon" or "In the Heart of the Night" or just "Heart of Darkness" or just "Darkness" Ok I have lots more ideas but I will stop there. I will say it again I LOVE this series.

Army Wife 718 said...

I absolutely LOVE your books. I read some pretty rave reviews from customers who bought your books through Barnes & Nobles online. I am stationed in Germany while my husband is in Iraq deployed and have been banging my head on the wall for hobbies while he is gone. No children yet to steal my attention so I am obsessed with reading... I can't WAIT for the Shadowdwellers Series to come out!!!!!! Even got my other Army Wives reading your books! BTW True blood is awesome but very difficult to watch stationed out here... OMG I would LOVEEEE to see who would play Jacob and Noah!!! My FAV Characters!!

Noah4evr said...

My Favorite Line in the book that seems to Run throughout is that they all Say " Sweet Destiny" Makes me laugh cause I can so Picture all of them throwing their heads back and yelling it... It is always directed at the Females... LOL
My Suggestion is
" Sweet Destiny"

phooandhoney said...

Hi there, I woudl love to watch a tv series on your nightwalker's. Have to say they were the best books that I have readed, I got through all off them in one month could not put them down. So a show of them would not miss one. I watch True blood and love. You could call it the people of the night.

ckbabyj said...

Hey there...
True Blood was a GREAT series, a great stem off the book series. Although I would be a loyal watcher of your series turned into a TV Show, it would be even BETTER to translate them into a series of movies!!!! (Twilight WATCH-OUT!)

Maybe a suggestion of names could be...
1. Feng Shui (Includes all the elements)
2. Iron Fist
3. Into the Dark
4. Demon Dwellers
5. Night's Passion
6. Necro Slayer's

Although "Nightwalkers" or "Shadowdwellers" would work perfect. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your books! Thank you!

ckbabyj said...

Hey there...
True Blood was a GREAT series, a great stem off the book series. Although I would be a loyal watcher of your series turned into a TV Show, it would be even BETTER to translate them into a series of movies!!!! (Twilight WATCH-OUT!)

Maybe a suggestion of names could be...
1. Feng Shui (Includes all the elements)
2. Iron Fist
3. Into the Dark
4. Demon Dwellers
5. Night's Passion
6. Necro Slayer's

Although "Nightwalkers" or "Shadowdwellers" would work perfect. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your books! Thank you!

Heather said...

Hey, I would love a Nightwalkers tv show, I'm addicted to True Blood.

My title suggestion is: Passions of the Night

Tracie said...

I love True Blood and I think it would be great to see another tv show based on a series of books.

As for a title, I like Night Guardians.

diabolical chika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
diabolical chika said...

i think making these books into a show would be PERFECT, i think the name should be, Dark Temtation, or Temtations in the night.

Kim said...

Hi from what i understand from the books "which are great". the main people are heroes by all the good that they do. i think the movie should be "the night heroes". I would very much love to watch the show.
can you tell me why all the good books are from the states. i am in Australia and i find that all the authors that i love are not sold in Australia. i have to either buy them from the states or used from ebay. thanks Kim

arabella said...

I would totally watch a Nightwalker series. I totally love your books and can't wait for the 6th in the series....I am guessing Jasmine??
Also I loved the shadowdweller series so far and can't wait for the 3rd one to come out...LOVE IT!!!!

Buchen Sie Wurm said...

I must say that The Nightwalkers are one my favorite series out there so far, and I would absolutely LOVE to see more books!!!
So the thing about making a tv series out of it, eh, I am very critical when it comes to books being portrayed onto the big screen.
For example, Twilight. Now when I read the books, I was not caught up in this huge vampire frenzy no, because I have been reading Christine Feehan for years, and her vampires/Carapathians are 2234234 times the creatures that Stephenie meyer writes about, but anyway, thats not the point... Everyone got swept away by this vampire and werewolf CRAZE, I dont know why no one realized that there were moore gifted writers out there with MUCH BETTER creatures of the night in their novels, (you included) vampires have been around for a very long time, but no one seemed to realize it until Twilight [my lip curls in distaste everytime i type that word, and im sorry twilight fans]. Soooo...
The whole point of me going on and on about twilight, is because thats the "THANG" right now, and if you were to make a series out of the Nightwalkers, it would either be swept up with this whole twilight (and true blood) thing, or i would be a complete miss. I would want to puke if I had to read reviews comparing you with "Twilight" and "true blood", it makes my toes curl just to think of it.
If this was to be made into a show, I would expect it to make me cry, laugh hysterically, and be outraged as well. It would need to be something that others havent seen before, it would need to blow all the other vampire shows ot of the water, i'm quite tired of vampires, although yours are much better.
And as for a name, I believe you should stick with what they are, which is, Nightwalkers.


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