Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scatterings of Thoughts

I wanted everyone to know that I am mailing out baskets and books to the winners this Monday. Unfortunately time has gotten the better of me once again and I am sorry for the delay. I have one basket winner who also has not gotten in touch with me and hasn't given her address to me.

Dominique Harris, can you please email me at or if someone here knows Dominique from this board or another please tell her she won and I need her info!!

I admit, I am overwhelmed lately. Things seem to keep coming at me in huge waves and I am trying to ride them out. There is nothing traumatic really, but everything feels very intense because it keeps rushing at and over me all at once and I feel like I can't get my feet under me. Part of the problem is my jackass shrink screwed with my medication and it made a basket case out of me. Plus I fired him for being, well, a jackass. I started writing a new book, then Bianca showed up. Then my personal assistant, who was a live-in here at the house with her hubby, moved out suddenly. I lean on her so much and I feel a little lost without her immediately at hand. I am hoping things level out. I need a little breather.

I think I have overextended myself in a lot of ways both professional and personal. I spread myself too thin...I've lost track of commitments (destroying my laptop by falling asleep with hot cocoa in my hands didn't help) and am afraid I have forgotten a few things along the way. I hope I haven't let anyone down. After the mailing this Monday I should be all caught up at last, my laptop is all fixed and I finally have my schedule back in hand. Phew.

I wanted to remind you guys I have two appearances coming up very soon. Despite my better judgment and my fears about doing a signing close to home, I agreed to do one at Fireside Books. Here is the address.

Fireside Books & Gifts

2270 Hwy 74A Byp., Ste. 509

Forest City, NC 28043


The date of the event is from 5pm to 7pm September 2nd the debut date of Noah! I will be signing copies of Noah for all comers and I hope to do a reading for you as well. Please don't leave me hanging alone!! It's a party to celebrate the release and I hope you come! Plus the incredible Kay Hooper, whom I worship, is potentially going to show up that day. You have to watch me go gaga over her. LOL! I am hoping that a bunch of us can go out to dinner if you hang around long enough you might get swept along.

Then there is the wonderfully fun RAW event thrown by Lora Leigh. You will see that posted in my news and events section. Sunday September 21st from noon to four, EST, at the Pullman Plaza 1001 Third Avenue Huntington, WV 25701 1-866-613-3611 in the Mezzanine area for the open to the public book signing and I would love to see anyone of you show up that day. It promises to be fun.

I have been waiting for a website update for you guys...something fun we came up with to show you the excerpts for Damien and for Noah. Please be patient and check in here. I'll tell you when the challenge is up for you to take :)

Anyway, time for pizza with B. Talk to you guys soon.
hugs and kitties


Beth said...

Jacki, I hope things get a little less stressful for you soon! I can't wait for Noah and I wish I lived close enough to come to your signing! Take care of yourself and have fun with B! <3, Beth

Tracy said...

Hopefully your stress level will be going down quickly. Life happens! :)

I can't wait to meet you at RAW - I'm so looking forward to the whole weekend! woohoo! :)

NikkiNymph* said...

Keep your chin up, Jacki. I am sure things will get better, and sometimes we are so very hard on ourselves, and don't see it. When I have a lot on my plate, I feel the stress, too. You are doing such great work---I love your books! I wrote to you awhile back, and you emailed me a lovely letter. I wish I could attend your events--I live on LI, and I have 4 kids---getting away is a mere fantasy---You are my favorite author--Thanx for all that you do!

Paula said...

I'm sorry you are so stressed right now. We all know what it is like when we put too much on our plate.

Take it easy and slow down. Even just for a minute to enjoy what is around you. :)


MelissaL said...

I hope things get better for you soon. Eagerly awaiting Noah. I live close enough and will try my very best to be there on the 2nd! Even if no one is there (I think you'll be surprised), you know that you and your work are loved.

Jo said...

Hi Jacki,

I hope your life and stress level have gotten better now.

I can't wait to see you again at RAW since I didn't make it to RT this year.


Stephanie*magic* said...

Hows it going?
Things better? I hope so!
Are you and B having lots of fun?
Wish you had been at RWA!
Hope to meet ya some day.
Take care!


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